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As It Turns Out, A Lot Series As It Turns Out, A Lot

Scripture: Romans 12:9-13
Speaker: John Just

This Is Us Series This Is Us

Scripture: Romans 12:4-8
Speaker: John Just

30-06 Series 30-06

Scripture: Romans 12:3
Speaker: John Just


Scripture: Romans 12:1-2
Speaker: John Just


Understanding Christ

Join us, as we dig into the life and ministry of Jesus. We will explore the atonement and servant leadership.

TW Youth - Jonah

A study of the book of Jonah


A study of the book of Malachi

World Religions and American Cults

Have you ever wondered about other religions and cults in the world? We will be exploring some of the major world religions and a few of the popular cults…

Easter 2018

Easter 2018


A study of the book of Jonah

TW Youth - John

A study of the Gospel of John

The Gospel of John

A study of the book of John

Experiencing God

A 12-week study to learn when God is speaking to you, how to join Him in what He is doing, and to experience Him at work through your life.


A study of the letter of Paul to the Romans.




A study of the revelation of Jesus Christ to John.