Small Groups… Life is Better Connected!

Small Group Experience: Would you like to  connect with others from Timberwood and build lasting relationships? Come to the Small Group Kick-off Picnic on September 10th on the patio after the second service.  There you will find out more about how to join a group of 8-16 people who meet regularly for food and fellowship.  Please sign up at the Information Desk.  If you have questions, please contact Pastor Eric.

 Vision:  A setting where individuals can connect, grow, and experience the life giving fellowship of Jesus Christ and other believers for a period of time centered on a central discussion piece.

Purpose: To provide an environment outside of our corporate gatherings of Timberwood Church where individuals and couples can gather together for extended times of fellowship in order to deepen their relationships with other attendees of Timberwood Church and live out the three core values we seek to embody.

Format: Small groups consist of 6-16 individuals who are committed to gathering at least twice a month for fellowship, discussion, and prayer. Each group chooses the time, location, and duration of their meetings based on what works for the members. The discussion section of small groups can take on a multitude of looks, but most often is centered on a Christian book or a particular book in the Bible and is lead by one of the members in the group. All groups are encouraged to spend some amount of time in prayer for one another before concluding their time together. This provides opportunities for the members to share where their needs are or how God is working in their lives. Some groups choose to share a complete meal with one another, while others simply share refreshments. Most groups meet together for an hour and a half to two hours depending on what is planned for that particular meeting.

Involvement: Each small group determines the time frame for which they will meet regularly. Some groups meet consistently from September to May while others choose to meet from May through October based on the group member’s availability. The hope for all small groups is that they would be growing and bringing in new participants so that at some point the group would multiply into two or three groups. Our small groups are not “Life Groups” and are not lifelong commitments. The goal is that the relationships that are formed within each group would last a lifetime and flourish outside the regular meetings of the group so that when a group does multiply so do the fellowship opportunities.

 Want to Get Involved? Contact Pastor Eric at